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The articles in this section were copied from various popular antivirus software sites then re written by me. All of the programs listed on this page are highly recommended by me and my staff we have done all the research so you guys do not have to. Any antivirus software that are not on this list don't even bother wasting your time and your money on it i hope you find this information to your likening. I have also posted at the bottom of the page helpful links.

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Antivirus Software


Avast! is yet another good program but there is something good about this one ITS FREE!!! no money no strings attached then you have the pro vision which runs for 39.95 honestly that is a good deal for the support you get from this program.

Avast includes anti-spyware Protection, certified by the West Coast Labs to protect against the latest spy-ware threats and anti-rootkit's here is a few perks that Avast has.

  • Boot time scan - there is not that many other antivirus programs that have boot time scans what it does is when you load up your windows it will scan for hidden viruses before your operating system loads up.
  • Real time scanning - real time scanning will scan every type of file, program you download, every link/page you go on so basically it scans every thing you click on!
  • With over 70 million users of avast!, you can rest assured that you are using one of the most tried and trusted antivirus products in Windows security. avast! supports more MS Windows versions (from Windows 95 to Vista 64-bit) than any other anti-malware product.
  • Now i have used avast for more than 1 year and i was satisfied with the out come of the product it is very good and yet another choice to get.


    Here is another good antivirus program and it has one of the best firewalls next to Zone Alarm. Webroot Antivirus is a solid program. This competent defender gets my vote because it not only includes finely experienced and complex components not to mention with the purchase of thin fine program it includes a complete version of Spy Sweepr Anit-spyware software.

    both of these programs have been awarded [AMI] - all major industries awards and certifications and can effectively alter there themselves to fight the new exploding threats that hit the world wide web each day.

    The Internet gives endless opportunities for communication, education, commerce and entertainment; all though it also gives way opportunity's for malevolent programmers and pranksters to distribute their viruses, spyware, worms, keyloggers and more to infiltrate your computer. now when i say this i mean it if you decide to go with this program you need to have a second back-up protection like Webroot’s Antivirus with Anti-Spyware.

    Putting advanced antivirus software on your computer is not a sign of paranoia, it is very intelligent. Any kind of computer that is conected to the Internet in some way will be infected with a virus that is why i am writing this artical is to tell you that you need a good antivirus program like Webroot’s Antivirus with Anti-Spyware.

    Webroot Antivirus Standout Features:
  • West Coast Labs and ICSA Labs Certified, also received VB100 AwardGamer mode for uninterrupted play.
  • Includes the award winning spy sweepr for advanced spyware protection.
  • Webroot offers free remote file storage.

  • ESET Nod-32

    first on the list is ESET Nod-32 a very good antivirus indeed i use it myself Nod-32 is very good being built on the award winning "ThreatSense" engine ESET Nod-32 antivirus software locates and eliminates more trojans, worms, adware, spyware, phishing, rootkits and other Internet threats than any program available on the market so far.

    If you have Linux 90%of the time you will never come in contact with a virus Most viruses for Linux have to be manually installed.Viruses for Linux can be listed by the hundred, Viruses for Windows can be counted in the tens of thousands.It is the perfect antivirus solution it runs unbelievablysmooth on Windows Legacy Systems [WLS], MS-DOS, file servers, mail servers and much more.

    It doesn't matter what your system is there can be no better protection from those harmful programs we call computer viruses. Also ESET Nod-32 was awarded "BEST ANTIVIRUS SOLUTION" IN 2006, 2007.

    ESET Nod-32Features:
  • With the award winning ThreatSense Technology it uses multiple layers of Detection protecting you from Internet threats before you get infected.
  • ESET directly identifies known and unknown Security threats. ESET Nod-32 has also consistently maintained #1 from testing labs for having a outstanding zero false positive 1.
  • ESET Nod-32 uses less memory and CPU power to be exact the size of the entire program is 22.42MB big making is quite easy for your computer to run fast, allowing more space for games, web browsing, and emailing.
  • ESET Nod-32 is a highly efficient program enabling fast file scanning and efficient product updates. It runs quietly in the background undetected.Over all i would recommend ESET Nod-32 above all other antivirus programs 5 stars.

  • Kaspersky

    In 2007 CNET'S choice award winner was Kaspersky now in 2008 Kespersky reigns again as #2 in the world as far as antivirus programs go.

    Kaspersky antivirus 7 has several new features including a new interface and a new protection system.But not list year the competing for Editors Choice in this space was fierce with several worthy contenders looking for one goal to become the supreme authority of antivirus software.

    For example BitDefender antivirus 2008 is in fact the most improved product of the year,nipping at the heels of BitDefender is Kaspersky antivirus they continue to leave their mark in the antivirus software world.All though Kaspersky has no firewall, you will have to get your own personal firewall to prevent hackers and other unwanted malicious programs. Kaspersky is just straight AV protection.

    Kaspersky again shines they make an internet security suite, Kaspersky antivirus 7 feels complete as a stand alone unlike "NORTON ANTIVIRUS 2008" is lager and more well known for home use. Kaspersky disk space is small in the area of 56.36MB of disk space for the entire antivirus program. the price running for Kaspersky antivirus 2009 is 74.95 for 1 years protection that is a pretty steep price but the over all out look is still well worth it.

    Key Technologies:
  • Protects from viruses, Trojans, worms, spy-ware, ad-ware,and other unwanted harmful programs that can harm your computer.
  • Scans all types of files, email, and Internet traffic.
  • Protects Instant Messengers from the threat of spamming and IM viruses
  • Protects From Unknown Threats making it harder for others to hack your computer.
  • Analyzes and closes Internet Explorer vulnerabilities.
  • Disables links to malware sites / phishing sites
  • Global Threat Monitoring (Kaspersky Security Network)
  • Blocks all types of key loggers including "Cain & Able Spector/Spector pro, and KGB Key logging Systems.
  • Automatic Database Updates the Kaspersky database will up date every hour on the hour.
  • Free Technical Support.

  • Bit Defender

    Rated #1 in the entire world on antivirus software BitDefender Total Security 2009 provides comprehensive proactive protection against all Internet security threats, along with system maintenance and backup, without slowing down your PCs.

    Confidently download, share and open files from friends, family, co-workers – and even total strangers!Improved: Scans all web, e-mail and instant messaging traffic for viruses and spyware, in real-time Proactively protects against new virus outbreaks using advanced heuristics.

    Protect your identity:

    shop, bank, listen, watch privately and securely Blocks attempted identity theft (phishing) Improved: Prevents personal information from leaking via e-mail, web or instant messaging

    Guard your conversations with top-of-the line encryption:

    NEWInstant Messaging EncryptionNEWFile Vault securely stores personal information or sensitive filesBacks up files and folders locallyNEWProvides secure on-line storage

    Connect securely to any network at home:

    in the office or away Automatically modifies firewall protection settings to suit locationWi-Fi monitor helps prevent unauthorized access to your Wi-Fi network

    Protect your family and their computers:

    Blocks access to inappropriate websites and e-mailSchedules and limits kids’ access to Internet and to applications.

    Play safe, play seamlessly Improved:

    Reduces the system load and avoids requesting user interaction during games.

    Get fine-tuned performance from your computer:

    Uses few system resources NEWLaptop mode prolongs battery lifeRemoves unnecessary duplicates of files and registry entriesIrrecoverably erases unwanted files and "traces" of files.

    Over all i would have used Bitdefender but it does lag your computer and that is the only down fall but the product is well worth your money i would Recommend it to anybody.

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